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Related article: Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 09:17:09 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 19"Adventures of Tray and Jay 19"PART 19: TRAY AND FATHER BEAUThe damnedest thing happened on the way home from work the other day. Really! If I'm not damned for this, see, I never have to worry again. It never would have happened if I hadn't missed every fucking signal. Anyway, it started at one intersection when I stopped for the red light and glanced next to me and saw this real young priest in his real old sedan, and he was looking at me so I looked away.Then at the next signal, same thing. Only this time the priest smiles at me, so I grinned back, sort of, a little nervous, because I mean, I don't normally give men of the cloth a second look, why bother, right, it aint going nowhere. So at the next signal, see, the guy's really giving me the old eye -- only his hand is down there messing around, too!Jesus Christ! Excuse me. Forgive me, whatever. So I cut in front of him and pulled into a convenience store and parked and got out, and the father parked right next to me. I jumped out and ran around to his window, which was down, and squatted down on my haunches. It made the priest nervous as hell."What do you think you're up to, Father?""Why, nothing, son, what do you mean?" He broke out in a sweat and wasn't playing with himself all of a sudden. He was super cute, beautiful hazel eyes, short wavy dark brown hair, smooth light skin, a nice 5 o'clock shadow, about 24."Knock it off, Father, you cruised me all the way up the damn boulevard! And don't think I didn't see you playing with yourself back there!" I stood up so my crotch was a few inches from his face, and I was nice and stiff for him. I bent over and saw his eyes locked there, his tongue wetting his lips. I crouched again."Uhh, I really don't know what you mean, son." So I made a real nasty face at him and reached in his car fast and took hold of the part of him that knew exactly what I meant, see. The young father spazzed and took my hand in his, but I didn't let go. Shit, the thing in my grip was un-Godly!"You wanna go some place, Father, talk maybe, kiss, make out?""Oh! Oh, I don't know!""Sure you do. I'm Tray. What's your name, Father?""B-B-Beau. Father Beau.""That's cute, Beau. Real cute. So where do you want to go, Beau?"He closed his eyes in torment. I thought he would cry for sure. I was about to offer my place... "I have to look in on someone's apartment, maybe you could, uh, join me there. He's a young member of my parish who's away to a retreat and asked me to keep an eye on his place, just look in fast now and then.""Cool, Beau. Follow me first, I have to stop off my place."After that we hit every signal green! At my apartment I ran inside fast and got Dylan and Jay. Too bad for Adam he was out with some study group or something! I wouldn't tell them what was going on, I just said shut up and get in, boys, and I followed Father Beau."Who's that?" Jay pestered me."Father Beau.""Father Beau!" they both almost lost it."What the fuck, Tray?" said my little bro."Look, he started it, okay, that's all I'm saying."So we came to the student ghetto, they call it, but it isn't that bad, it's just where most of the college people live, and stopped at a little house, kind of, only it's set off behind a normal house. Father Beau led the way, and we went inside fast. I saw Jay lock the door, the little fucker!The living room was normal enough, and it looked like there were a couple more rooms in the back. Only problem was there were no drapes on the living room window!"Father Beau, I'd like you to meet my little brother, Jay, and his lover, Dylan." You should have seen the priest's hazel eyes get big! They shook hands, everyone was nervous, see."Did you say your little brother?" I guess the lover part was cool with the padre."Uh-huh! Don't worry, Beau, you'll love him. Jay's one hot little number.""Oh, my!"Jay's already exploring. He looks in the closer room, then disappears around the corner, and we all hear this loud cackle and go to investigate, see, and fuck if Father Beau's young parishioner doesn't have a damn torture chamber set up."You know, Beau, I have to wonder if you weren't meant to discover this!" I said. "I mean, maybe your boy couldn't bring himself to Lolita Pics tell you something, you know?"The lovers and me took a nice slow look around. There was a nice rack for strapping someone down spread-eagled and moving his ass all around just about any way you could like. There were leather arm and leg straps hooked to a wall. Masks, whips, handcuffs, all kinds of nasty bondage shit!Suddenly Dylan got this crazy gleam in his eyes and started breathing real hard so I knew he was going to hyperventilate, and then he grabbed Jay's wrist and spun him around and slammed him up against the wall. He pressed his manhood up to Jay's tight little cord- covered butt, and I watched the priest start to grope himself again!"Take off your clothes, fag!" Dylan ordered Jay and let him go. Jay spun around with fire in his hot eyes, ready for a knock-down drag-out mess, but he took a deep breath and did as he was told. I let Beau watch until my little bro was naked with his hard-on flapping up to his belly button, see."You, too!" I said real coarse to the Father."But I--""Shut the fuck up and strip, padre!" I screamed, and he jumped. I must say he knew how to get naked fast! He was bare-assed before Dylan had my brother strapped to the wall. "Hands behind your head, Father!" He did it, and when I saw those dense black armpits I looked at Jay, who struggled in his bonds. He wanted those pits so bad he could almost smell and taste them!"YOU!" Dylan pointed at the priest. "OVER HERE NOW!" The priest walked shakily over to Dylan, who grabbed his naked ass and prodded him in front of Jay. Father Beau's hands moved reflexively for Jay's hot 16-year-old flesh, so Dylan slapped him! Oh, my God, he really slapped the priest! "Did I say touch, you fucking pervert?""Let him touch me, I don't mind!" begged Jay. "Come on, let me out of these things! Please!"Dylan and me busted up laughing! I went to Father Beau and felt one of his hairy underarms slowly, and on his other side Dylan stuck his nose in the priest's pit and sniffed it good. Jay whimpered, and I had to grab the priest's waist to hold him up when his legs gave out. Dylan licked that pit good while Jay groaned in agony."Goddamn you bastards! Let me free! Let me at him, damnit! Oh, fuck!"I pulled Father Beau off to the side and shoved him down on his knees while the others watched. I moved close and grabbed his head and ground my bulge in his face."Bite it, Father Faggot!" I told him, and he looked up to my eyes and then at my bulge, and he opened his mouth wide and went to gnawing my hard-on through my jeans. He got into it real good, slobbering and chewing and grunting, and I took his hands and put them on my waist so he'd have something to steady himself. Pretty soon the front of my button-flies were soaking wet with the priest's spit...And Jay was losing it, he was pulling on his chains like a madman, red in the face and pissed off Lolita Pics so bad he was drooling, his spit was flying, his hair was waving all over, and I know if he got free right then he'd hurt me or Dylan or both of us!"I think you're just a spoiled little cocksucker!" Dylan provoked my bro, and I laughed as Father Beau nearly made me come in my pants. "It's about fucking time someone taught you a lesson, hear?""You fucking asshole!" Jay breathed through his rage, dripping sweat from his riled body and his own spunky pits. "I thought it was just a joke, that you'd let me go, Dylan! Let me go!""No fucking way, bitch!" Dylan said in the throes of power, panting, breathless, almost ready to get off himself! It was fucking HOT!"Open my pants and pull my dick through the piss slit!" I ordered Father Beau, and he was on it! My cock hit him in the nose and left a stream of my clear stuff from the priest's face to my piss-hole. "You like that? Yeah? You ever had one? Other than little boys?" He shook his head. To Dylan: "Should I let him have it?""No way!" Dylan stood in front of Jay and pinched my bro's nipples, harder and harder, until Jay winced and tightened up all over, but he couldn't do a damn thing, see!"OWWWW! Stop it, Dylan, it hurts! Does it look like I'm enjoying this, you bastard freak!""As a matter of fact, you do!" teased Dylan, who ran his fingers up Jay's throbbing shaft and wiped up a mess of my bro's clear semen, then held it to Jay's eyes and smeared it over his face. Dylan dropped to his knees and blew on Jay's cock and balls, and it made the poor kid nuttier than a bulldog in heat! Again Dylan grinned evilly and laughed low and throaty.I grabbed my long pole and slapped Father Beau all over his face and mouth and nose and eyes and cheeks, slicking up his skin good with my juice, and he went sweaty all over and red from the sexual thrill I gave his kinky priest ass! Oh, damn, but I lost control and it just spewed off all over Father Beau's amazed face, in his hair, some in his gaping mouth and a lot down his chest!My chest heaved as I shook the sperm from my hole and smeared my hot jiz over the priest's face with my tingly shaft -- and he groaned his delight! I pulled it away and then fed it to him, a little at first, then more, and finally fucking his happy face with my hands on his head. He took it all the way down his novice but eager throat!"Hey, Dylan, can I make a suggestion?""Sure, Tray, whatever. Go for it!"So I tore my cock from the priest's mouth and enjoyed his disappointment and lifted him to his feet again. I pushed him over to Jay, where Dylan caught on fast and shoved him back down to his knees in front of little bro, who got this wild, hopeful look in his eyes."Tell him, Dylan," I said."Suck his dick, priest!"Father Beau couldn't believe it at first. "Oh, thank you, boys, thank you!" And he touched Jay's angry red nuts and sent shivers through my bro. Jay's semen dripped down on Father Beau's forehead and grabbed his attention, and he looked up and stroked Jay's sensitive penis up and down the length of its 8". Jay grabbed his chains with his hands and let himself hang there, his whole sexy teen body taut with overwhelming need!"I SAID FUCKING SUCK MY LOVER'S GODDAMN DICK, PRIEST!"Father Beau jumped on it and sucked little bro soft and easy. Jay's head went back to the wall, and I licked his strong Rugby pits and slurped the sweat off his neck, and then Dylan and me looked at each other and grinned and both took a tit and sucked it raw."OH, FUCK MEEEEEEE!" Jay screamed. "What are you doing, oh, my fucking God, you animals, you're driving me insane! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"That's when Father Beau suddenly choked on something, and Dylan and me felt Jay spaz in our grips, and Jay shook and exploded all over out of control, and finally sagged dead- weight. I Lolita Pics thought he'd passed out until he opened his eyes, not so mad any more."Let me go, please?"So Dylan undid the leather restraints, and Jay stepped free rubbing his wrists sorely. But he just dropped to his knees and pulled the priest to him, and they kneeled there kissing wet and dirty in the shared afterglow of first bondage. Jay crawled forward until Father Beau was on his back on the floor and Jay was on top, but Jay wasted no time going down!He sniffed the priest's pits and ate them like crazy, then sniffed his way down Father Beau's soft chest and belly to his healthy thick cock and spunky smooth balls. Jay licked and swallowed those balls and made his face wet and shiny with his sweat and spit, and finally lay on his side with his arm over the priest and set to sucking that man off for real.I took Dylan rough and slammed my tongue in his throat and pressed him to the wall and held his wrists over his head and ground my hard 7" into his studly Rugby piece, and that's when we heard the priest going off and looked in time to see Father Beau buck his hips and bury his rod in little bro's satisfied mouth!I dropped and sucked Dylan, using my hand, and not even ten seconds later I tasted his massive thick creamy load squirting in me, so I swallowed his cock whole and loved the throbbing pulses as he twitched off in me. Dylan's such a fucking stud man at 17 I just love getting him off!We kissed fast and he got to taste his sperm in me, but he had more plans! Dylan pulled the priest to his feet and threw him against the wall where Jay had been and chained him there with his butt out to us."Your ass is grass, priest boy!" Dylan warned him, and took Jay in his arms for a wild- ass kiss, pushing him back steadily to the great torture rack and finally overpowering Jay and forcing him onto the thing, on his stomach, and binding his pretty ass again! Now Jay was twice as tweaked as the first time because he let it happen again!"You fucking homos are all the same!" Dylan made fun of them. "You act like you hate something but then you let it happen! Fuck! Don't whine to me, Jay, this time's your fucking faggy fault!""See if Lolita Pics I ever suck your horny dick again, Dylan!" Bro really meant it, too, but we all know where that would lead!"Which one you want, Tray?" Dylan asked, and I looked from one prisoner to the other."The priest!" I leered."Cool, I want to teach a certain 16-year-old homosexual one serious lesson in manners!"I watched Dylan spin the rack so Jay was sideways and lock it in place. Dylan stuck his fingers up my bro's crack hard and sudden, and Jay shivered. Dylan got on his knees and spit in his hand and worked it up Jay's butt, and stood suddenly and went to me."Spit in my hand, Tray, everything you can give me!" So I did, excited for sure. He walked over to Father Beau chained to the wall and turned his head to him. "You, too, Father, spit in my hand with Tray's! Good and nasty now!" And Father Beau did it.Dylan went back to his prisoner with a handful of our spit and started working it and more and more of his fingers up Jay's behind, and all I could do was watch. Then I thought, fuck that, and walked over to the other side of the rack and stuck my cock through for Jay to suck on while his lover was working him over.Jay was happy for something to distract him from the pain, because Dylan was trying to get all his fingers in that little tight space of Jay's. Jay closed his eyes and concentrated on my prick going in and out of his hot mouth."Damn, something's not right, man!" Dylan moaned. He spotted something and picked up a squirt thing and grinned. "Fucking K-Y!"I started fucking my bro's face to keep him occupied because I had a bad feeling about Dylan's intentions, see, and it was the least I could do. I pounded that boy's face hole good and could see Dylan's fist easing in slowly and Jay's face twisting in pain, and the most intense flood of kinky depraved fucking wild-assed homo-erotic freaky excitement raced through my faggot veins!Wow! I never saw anything like that! Dylan's entire big, rough, Rugby FIST disappeared up my bro's butthole! And Jay, thank God, didn't Lolita Pics bite my cock off! His body was on fire, and he looked like he gave birth or something, but he took it like more of a man than I thought I was! And then he settled down and chuckled with my dick choking him, and I realized the little cocksucker fucking dug it!I watched Dylan's face a minute as he pumped his fist in and out of Jay's back entrance while my dick did roughly the same thing to his front door, and Dylan was in ecstasy, too. I wished I knew what it could be."Dylan, what is it? How does it feel, man? What's the thrill?"He was ready to pass out, I think, he was so hot and breathless. He just shrugged and cocked his head for me to go over there. When I kneeled by him, he pulled his hand out, and Jay grunted real loud. His hand and wrist and part of his arm were coated in spit and K-Y and my bro's insides, and I couldn't help it, see, he's my bro, so I lifted Dylan's arm and sniffed and licked it a little. Dylan laughed like I tickled him and pulled it away."Go on, Tray, do it! It's the only way you can understand how I felt. Please! Jay, you want your big brother in you that way?""FUCK, YEAH!"So I lubed up good and looked at Dylan. "Help me, man, please. Guide my fist in, man." He did it as I let my hand and arm go limp in his strong grip. I leaned closer to him and kissed him softly on his wet sexy mouth, and forgot about everything else until I heard Jay gasp loud again and I knew my fist was in him! What a rush! Dylan smiled knowingly at me, and I looked down there at my wrist sticking out my bro's beautiful anus!Slowly, I moved it further in and thought I'd die! I'd never been inside anyone this far, this close and intimate and personal! My fist and arm, see, had feelings different than my dick, and I felt like I'd, well, like exactly what I'd done, like I'd reached up inside his guts and felt my bro to his core!"Jay, bro, you know I love you, right?""UHHHHHHHHH!""Yeah, he knows, Tray!" said Dylan. I eased out and walked around and kissed my sweet little bro and then gave him my cock again because I needed to spurt fast, and as Dylan entered him again I did it, I shot my load in my brother's mouth and heard him swallow in joy.I pulled out again and kissed him again and pressed my overwhelmed forehead to his, and our eyes met and just stared into each other's souls for the longest moment. Then I kissed him and returned to Father Beau again, and his fucking cock was rock hard still from all the shit going on across the chamber!I pressed my Lolita Pics cock up to his crack and wrapped my arms around him and humped his priest cheeks good. He was very tense, of course, so I licked his ears inside and sucked on his lobes and kissed his neck and gave him a damn hickey low where his collar would cover it, at least, I wasn't that bad, and he didn't even know what I did, see, because he'd never had one!That's when my crazy eyes landed on the damn whip again! My heart pounded, see. I got all hot and bothered. My freaky young dick frisked around. My fingers scratched at my bare legs. So I went for it! I took two steps and suddenly had the damn thing in my grip, and it felt good there. I walked over close behind Father Beau and let the flayed leather ends of the whip tickle his back because I knew it was the only time it would tickle him, see.I took Lolita Pics a step back and just fucking let him have it! The wicked thing CRACKED over his sweaty back, and the young priest cried out, and I throbbed. It was awesome! I could feel the others pause in their kinkiness, and I got off even more knowing they were watching. I let the padre have it again, harder, and he winced and moaned. I didn't draw blood, see, I just left angry red marks all over his sinful flesh! Yeah!Something went nuts in me. I started dripping like crazy, my balls swayed all over and my cock slapped my belly, and the juice flowed with every damn WHACK of the whip! By the way, the good priest got off on it, too, oh, yeah! He was whimpering and biting his lip, and I know it stung like hell, but he loved every second of that beating! Lolita Pics When I was done, his backside and butt were covered with nasty red stripes!Then I went to my knees and spread his cheeks and buried my face up his clean hole, and the priest went wild! He grunted and sputtered in outraged pleasure, see, and he dug it so much I just did it on and on, until I needed to get on with it and he was good and loose. I stood and spit in my hand and stuck my finger up his crack, and he got scared then!"Just relax, Father, it'll be fine!" I promised, and I put my cock to his rim and waited, and when I felt him relax a little I shoved it in fast, the only way, okay, and he was in serious pain but he never screamed or anything! He took it good, I was impressed, so I went to it. I didn't waste any time building up speed, I just rammed it in and out of his cherry asshole and wrapped my arms around his sweaty naked priest body and held on good."Oh, Tray, you're doing something to me I've never imagined, son, don't stop, okay, promise you won't stop!""Yeah, right, I promise, Father!" I breathed wickedly in his ear, and he laughed like the grateful little faggot he is. "Never had a cock up your butt, Father?""Noooo! Oh, Tray, I feel as if I've gone to Heaven! Do it to me, Tray!""Do what to you, you flaming fruitcake! Say it, damnit, be a man and tell me what you want me to do to your tight priestly asshole!""FUCK IT, DAMN YOU, FUCK MY TIGHT BUTTHOLE, YOU SEXY FUCKING STUD BOY!"All of us, except Father Beau, got a good laugh from that, you bet!"That's better, Father Beau, now, was that so hard?""Just shut up and fuck me, boy, okay? Fuck me because I can't stand it any more, I've gone without long enough, now ram your big hard cock up my butt and show me the damn light!""You got it, padre! Hold on!"And I might go to Hell for it, see, but I cut loose and fucked Father Beau harder than I ever fucked anyone, see, even my bro, Jay, and he can take it good, but he's had practice. That poor priest never imagined what I did to him! I grabbed his head by the hair and pulled it back and kissed him hard and wet, with all my tongue, and slobbered his face up nice and nasty...And I heard Dylan sticking his big young fuck meat up my brother's shoot and doing more or less the same to Jay, who screamed in painful pleasure, moaning and hoarsely begging his stud lover to hurt him like the priest, and Dylan was more than happy to oblige the little homo fucker!"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, Dylan! Yeah! Yeah!" Like that, over and over, I tell you, Jay was up there in Heaven next to Father Beau!I took the priest's big, stiff, dripping penis in my hand and beat it to the rhythm of my throbbing cock in and out of his tight hole and smooched on his hot, sweet mouth the whole time, we dripped with each other's happy spit, and then my fucking went a lot faster and harder, and that he couldn't believe!I speed fucked the Father's ass and squeezed his cock in my excitement, and that's when I felt him pulsing in my hand, but he never made a sound, probably used to masturbating secretly in seminary school and shit, the fucker! But he sent me off, and I buried it all the way in him and emptied my stored up load way up his butt! Only I HOWLED my ass off, oh, yeah! Like a damn coyote!Well, that sent Dylan off, see, I heard him laugh all sexy like he is, and then it all caught in his throat in his excitement, and he choked and gurgled and grunted off good into my brother, who..."OHHHH FUUUUUCK YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!"More or less! My bro's pretty damn guttural when Lolita Pics he spazzes off with his lover squirting way up inside him! I nibbled on Father's neck, licking up his sweat and savoring the smell of sex on his priestly naked body! He shivered in my grip, and I was almost out of him when I shoved it all the way back in, to teach him a lesson, see!"UUUHHHHH!"I jacked his dick some more with his sperm, and it was too much for the poor bastard! He almost died!I pulled out and crashed on the floor, and Dylan joined me. We moved together and fell into each other's arms and just lay there and kissed and kissed and pressed our dirty cocks up against our hard lean teenage bodies."Fuck me with that dick that was just up my brother's shithole!" I breathed all horrible dirty to him, and Dylan happily climbed on top of me and spread my legs."Hey, wait! First untie me, okay?" Jay begged, but Dylan ignored him ,see, and I was in no fucking position to help. Dylan's cock was already screwing my good!Just then I followed Dylan's stare to the door, where a cute young guy in a leather coat stood with his mouth open in total shock. My first thought was that he was some college kid and someone should invite him in!"Father--Beau?" he asked.Oh, shit! Something scary stretched suddenly halfway down the inside of his long leg!
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